Wayne Hoff

Energy Medicine Specialist


Client Testimonials

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Wayne's work is amazing! I've been looking for someone with his expertise for years and was blessed when I was referred to him! Not only is he such a wonderful, inspiring, honest, and knowledgeable man, but he gives so much more than he asks for! His heart is in his work and I have experienced miracles with this man! As a client and student, through Wayne, I have met incredible people and have learned to meditate, which has made me a more centered person in all ways. I cannot say enough good things about Wayne. I am very grateful that I was led to him as he is very gifted and such a humble person. For the serious client/student, I highly recommend Wayne!



Thanks so much for my session on Saturday. I wanted to share my experiences. Release of congestion in sinuses and lungs started on Saturday night GI detox on Sunday. Wow Emotional release Sunday afternoon that immobilized me with tears and fatigue for about 3 hrs. The whole experience left me feeling much more light hearted in the end. I think I need to do this again for sure sometime in the future. I doubt I am done releasing. Your work is amazingly wonderful and powerful. I hope working on my 'stuff' did not leave you exhausted. And your shared wisdom left me inspired.



....The great news is that the day after I saw you I wrote a piece of music. I haven't been able to do that in 33 years! So thank you for the work on the 2nd chakra. I am thrilled and so grateful...



....Bobbie (an eight year old) is a changed person since seeing you. It didn't happen immediately, but a few weeks afterwards he seemed to morph into a new person. He is more at ease in the world, more confident. He's less angry and bitter. I can't thank you enough for your wisdom and guidance and talents.....