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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it OK to call you if something comes up or I have a question?
  2. I feel sore. Is that normal?
  3. I am very tired and sleepy. Am I OK?
  4. I felt great after the session, but I woke up the next day very upset and emotional. Is that normal?
  5. I feel very emotional. Did something get stirred up?
  6. I feel very angry. Am I triggered?
  7. The symptoms came back. Did this really work?
  8. Do I need to come back and see you again?
  9. Is it good to come back regularly?
  10. When you talk about the body, what exactly are you talking about?
  11. Do you put your energy or some other energy in my body?
  12. Are you hypnotizing me?

Answer 1:

You can call me, text me, or email me if you have questions or need some help. I am here to support you in your healing. If something has come up from the session that doesn't seem to be resolving, call me.

Answer 2:

Clearing energetic blocks and relaxing tense muscles releases lactic acid and toxins into the body. This can cause soreness. An epsom salt bath in the evening helps a lot. Also, the homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana taken orally or as a cream rubbed into the muscles clears a lot of symptoms.

Answer 3:

If you have been tense and on the edge for a long time, releasing the causes and effects of the tension can cause your body to crave sleep. Sleep is when your body heals and reorganizes. If you are sleepy for a couple of days, try to give your body the time and space to rest and restore. If you have been addicted to the tension to get things done, try a new, more relaxed way of doing things. You might find that you can get more done and be more effective.

Answer 4:

Allow the emotions to come up and just let them go. These emotions are old stuff, much of it is not even yours, but what you have taken on for people. Many people find that it takes a day to clear. Get some rest and the following day you will feel much better.

Answer 5:

Feelings can get stirred up in a session. We can clear most of it, but sometimes it takes time to heal. You may find that old feelings, such as grief about an event, or the hurt feelings about something done to you, or helplessness about something done to others, or frustration about someone’s behavior can come up. Feel the feelings and let them go. If there is something that needs to be done, such as an apology or telling someone how you feel, sometimes it is better to wait a day or two until you are more centered and clear. Take Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to help relieve the emotional stress.

Answer 6:

Sometimes you find yourself getting very angry after a session. This is emotions that have been stuffed getting released. Allow yourself to feel the anger, but try not acting on it. It will pass in a day or two. If it persists or is causing you problems, give me a call.

Answer 7:

If you have a long-term chronic condition, it may take more than one or two sessions to clear up. Also, if you are in a situation that is causing the symptom and you go back to the situation, many times the symptoms come back. If you are in a situation where you are performing a physical activity that is the source of the problem, it may not clear until you change the situation. If you are in a negative emotional environment, that may have to change before you see permanent results.

Answer 8:

It is impossible to clear everything in one session. I suggest people come back for one or two more sessions so that we can make sure that it all got cleared. I can check the body and see what symptoms have come back and work with them. We can see what has come up emotionally since the last session. Sometimes the issues need to be layered off like peeling an onion.

Answer 9:

Some people find it useful to come back once a month. That is the reason I have the Tune-Ups. We can address the issues that come up in your daily life before they become major issues and manifest as illness in the body

Answer 10:

First of all, every body is different and I treat each body as an individual. The physical body has two parts: the material and the etheric. The material body is made up of you muscles, bones, organs, hormones, blood, and so forth. The etheric is basically an energetic blueprint of the body and is made up of acupuncture meridians, chakras, nadis, and different energy forms. I work with both levels of the body.

In my model, the spiritual body is made up of your Spirit, Soul, and Heart. This spiritual body is where your resources to heal and guide you are located. I work with your spiritual body, because that is what is doing the healing.

Answer 11:

I do not put my energy in your body. You have enough energy and spiritual connection to make the changes for your body. I direct your own resources to do the work you need done.

I frequently have you connect your spirit with the Source. The Source is whatever your connection to the larger forces that you have. You can call it whatever you want: God, Source, Universe, Emptiness, The Divine, Allah, Atman, ... That is your own unique, direct, personal relationship.

Answer 12:

I hae been trained in hypnosis, but I do not do hypnosis. There is no direct trance induction, cues, or anchoring of suggestions. When I talk with your body, you are very relaxed and in a focused state. I am working energetically to give your body new strategies, not working to directly reprogram your subconscious mind.