Wayne Hoff

Energy Medicine Specialist



My Life's Work


What is BioSpiritus

BioSpiritus is my own unique style of working with people. Over the years of training and working with clients I have combined and created my own way of clearing energies and healing trauma. All true healers take what they have learned or picked up from otheres and integrate these into the way they work.

The talking portion of the session is not just finding out medical history. I observe the energy field around the client, how the body behaves, what emotions come up, if they are staying in the body, shifting to another age, and other factors that indicate what is up and needs to be worked on. I discuss my observations with you. I do not hold anyting secret. Clear, truthful, and open communicaton is important for healing.

Once we complete our conversation, you will remove your shoes and lay on the table or if you are doing a remote session, you will get comfortable sitting or laying down.

I now physically put my hands on your body. In a remote session, I energetically connect with your body. I begin my conversation with your body. Your body includes all of you. I cease talking with the mind. The mind over-rides the more subtle information that can come from your body, soul and heart. I will determine tha course of the treatment from this conversation. I may do physical bodywork, kinesiology, or directly converse with the body.

When I talk with the body, you just relax. I talk out loud so that you know what is going on. I check in and make sure your body is safe and willing to communicate. Talking with the body allows me to center you and get you in touch with all of your resources.

Your internal resources are your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. If you have a religious preference, we call in those resources for your support. If not, we use more general terms to bring in your own unique personal resources. Everyone has their own personal connection to what I call the Source and the Earth.

Getting in touch with your center, or as I call it, your core, we can then handle the issues that have come up in the session. We use your resources to clear and heal. This awakens and trains you and your body to be able to work on yourself. The goal is to clear everyone else's energy, energy from trauma and events, other people's beliefs, programming, and abuse from the body. Other stategies are offered and the body is invited to try doing things in different ways.

When the session is over, you will be centered, in your body, clear, relaxed, and able to make better choices.